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"All about Argentools"

The family business activity originally began in Argentina in 1937. With the move of the family to Israel in 1956, business also transferred to Israel.

Argentools Company Ltd. was founded in Israel in 1956 as an import and marketing of power tools. During its years of operation the company has grown and today the group is one of the leading companies in the field of Power-tools, Technical and construction equipment in Israel.

The group consists of 3 leading companies:
Argentools Inc. exclusive MAKITA distributor in Israel, I.D.E.P. represents a variety of international companies, and Bronco - Factory made to design and manufacture innovative equipment for construction.

About Argentools group
  • Israel is the first country outside Japan to market Makita
  • 1962


The company is the exclusive representative and importer of Makita Corporation Japan in Israel for over 50 years and provides a wide range of consumer a verity of products.
We provide a year warranty for most of Makita tools.
The company has a technical training assistance and a professional consulting Services to adjust and advice for the right tool to the customer.

To coordinate a full tutorial session or visit the showroom of Argentools, please contact us at: Haim Moshe Shapira, 13, Rishon Lezion.
For more information: 054-6672071 / 03-6815516 / 03-5620738



The company specializes in the import and marketing of industrial products, welding equipment, professional painting, safety related equipment, hand tools and high quality technical & crafts equipment.
The Company represents among others, the following companies:

Hand Tools and supplies: Profxene
Soldering and welding equipment: Deca SA Italia
Cutlery and Japanese knives: Olfa Corporation Japan
Cleave wood and metal work: Piher
Grinders table: Creusen B.V Holland
Professional equipment for painting: DeVilbiss
Professional markers: SAKURA
Staple gun industry: Arrow
Wrenches and plastic/iron cutters: RIDGID
Ceramic cutting machines and related equipment: RUBI spain
And other companies in other variety of areas.
For more information: 054-6672071 / 03-6815516 / 03-5620738



The factory was founded in 1994 for the development and production of construction equipment. Bronco emphasizes innovations (inventions and international patents) and the modern products design of high quality. Most of the equipment has a warranty period of a year. Bronco manufactures and markets a wide range of products for the construction industry including generators, concrete mixers, and more.
Among the innovative advancements, the "Dust shutdown system" was invented to prevent the creation of dust when cutting building materials.
The company exclusively represents the following companies, by industry:

Motors, air coolers and generators: Mitsubishi, B & S, Vanguard, Yanmar
Compressors: FIMA Italia
Diamond tools, cutting and sharpening stones: NORTON
Gasoline Saws and walls: Husqvarna
Welding of plastic pipes: RITMO
Detection, discovery and opening of fillings equipment: RIDGID
Concrete mixers: Altrad international group that includes:
And many more companies in different fields joining the exclusive representation of Bronco.
For more information: 054-6672071 / 08-6885858

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